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Arrivals & Departures

We take the stress out of your arrival or departure by ensuring that your immigration needs are taken care of and there are no surprises.

Immigration & Crew Visas

Superyachts traveling to Australia with foreign crew will require visas. The process and administration requirements will be determined by length of stay. Our team have processed hundreds of visas for crew under a range of circumstances, allowing us to streamline the process and offer complete confidence. We offer obligation free advice so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Further information regarding the Superyacht Crew visa can be found here: Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408) Superyacht Crew stream (

Australian Border Force

In most instances, foreign flagged Superyachts will be issued with a Cruising/Control Permit on arrival. However, the Control Permit is limited to foreign yachts arriving under their own power, for less than 12 months and with a foreign Captain.

In some circumstances a temporary or full importation may be required, which we are able to advise on. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so that you can make informed decisions.

  • Cruising/Control Permits
  • Maintenance & Refit Temporary Imports
  • Import/Export Declarations

We will need Form B333 completed and sent to us at least 96 hours prior to your arrival in order to ensure seamless processing.  B333 – Smallcraft Arrival Report (


Australia has very strict biosecurity rules and regulations, which can appear daunting. However, our team can assist with everything you need to know to prepare for your arrival and allow for seamless clearances.

It is vital that arrival superyachts are well informed on the handling of:

Galley Stores: perishable fresh, frozen and dry food items General Waste
Personal effects
Medical Supplies & Alcohol
Pets, pests, plants and timber
Fire Arms and hazardous waste

CMA have assisted hundreds of yachts, and hold strong, respected relations with officials in all primary ports allowing for efficient handling. We recommend checking the Australian Biosecurity website for specific information regarding what you can being in, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The Australian charter regulations were recently amended to allow for foreign yacht charter, provided that government defined procedures are adhered to. CMA is proud to be working with Superyacht Australia and the Australian Government to offer Charter Licence submission and fiscal recommendations to Superyachts.


Port Services


Within most major ports in Australia it is a requirement to have a pilot onboard if the vessel is recreational over 50m.However, the rules and regulations of each port and indeed passage way do vary slightly, and we can offer advice on a case by case basis depending on your planned itinerary. Please do reach out, and we are happy to discuss the requirements of different ports.

Exemptions may be possible for Masters with an appropriate local knowledge/experience certificate.


Australia is simply a vast country, and the accessibility and suitability of the infrastructure and cruising grounds varies significantly from port to port.

We have a thorough working knowledge of all superyacht berthing facilities, anchorages and maintenance services nationwide, and can assist with enquiries and bookings on your behalf.

We are very proud to offer some of the best services and infrastructure in our home port of Cairns. The Maritime Gateway city of Cairns offers easy access to all marine services and trades, as well as the Marlin Marina without the congestion of larger cities.


Waste management in Australia is highly regulated to prevent the spread of harmful microbes and bacteria into the valuable eco systems, and the departure port, arrival port and vessel intentions will determine the clearance process for each vessel and the practices and restrictions that are employed.

-biohazardous waste
-black/grey water

Please contact us for more specific advice.


We hold established and respected trade accounts with all major fuel suppliers in Australia, and are confident we can secure competitive pricing due to the volume with which we supply. Superyachts can take fuel by truck, bowser or barge, and to any destination in Australia based on their needs.

If a vessel is departing Australia imminently, we are able to provide fuel completely GST and duty free.

Obligation free quote available on request within 24 hours.


Carter Marine Agencies can provide the following for your chartering needs:

  • Advice on setting up an Australian Company and ABN
  • Advice on registering for a GST deferral
  • Apply for Marine Park Permits
  • Apply for Commercial Activity Permits
  • Apply for 408 Visa’s and sponsorship applications as required
  • Temporary Vessel importation
  • Quarantine Vessel Clearance

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