Carrie Carter Receives Lifetime Award

December 24, 2018

Carrie Carter, Founder of Carter Marine Agencies, and Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef Chairwoman was recently recognised for her amazing contribution to the Superyacht Industry in Australia.

Carrie has been an outstanding advocate and ambassador for the super yacht industry in Far North Queensland, displaying resilience, leadership and passion for the many issues and priorities affecting the industry in the region.

The superyacht sector operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, yet Carrie has never wavered in her efforts across a diverse range of challenges and issues at a local, state and national level. From a volunteer for the SYGGBR in 2000 to her role as chairperson in 2010 and beyond, Carrie has developed a strong reputation in the superyacht industry on a worldwide scale.

Carrie is proof that one person can truly make a difference, with the issue of crew visas a prime example of her determination and success in affecting positive policy outcomes. Carrie subsequently received an Industry Champion Award from Superyacht Australia for her work.

Carrie’s input over many years is the result of her knowledge of immigration laws, visas, taxation and government regulations. This bank of expertise has been invaluable as the SYGGBR confronted hurdles such as GST, crew visas, fuel tax and other red and green tape.

Indeed, Carrie’s knowledge and passion for the industry is such that many agents across Australia regularly approach her for advice. Carrie has been deeply committed to advancing the industry in Cairns and more broadly in Australia, representing our region on many outbound missions to attract more vessels to this region and grow our industry.

Congratulations to Carrie and Phil Carter also on celebrating 15 years in providing exceptional super yacht agency services from their business Carter Marine Agencies in the Great Barrier Reef region and all over Australia.

Article courtesy of Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef

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